To whom are these games meant for?

Bars and pool halls have exhausted themselves? You wish to do something new and exciting with your friends? Come to our escape rooms and share exciting adventures! An escape game will probably offer you proof about why you are friends in the first place. You can also have an unforgettable birthday party in our Party Room.
You wish to get to know your colleagues, your course or classmates better? Our escape game is a great opportunity for that! To reach the goal of the game, you need to communicate constantly and work closely together. So, it is highly likely that because of the escape game you will become much closer with your acquaintances.
Your relationship has lost its freshness? Movies and theater don't offer what they used to? Visit our escape rooms with your partner and add new spark to your daily life.
Casual family nights and weekends don’t offer any fun? Long walks on the beach and shopping sprees leave you empty? Come to our escape rooms, share exciting adventures and spice up your family life!
Your kids are inseparable from their computer games and smart phones? Why don't you take your child with his real-time friends to our escape room? Besides the entertainment aspect, children can also test their cooperation skills and knowledge acquired in school in the escape game. It is also possible to throw your kid a fun birthday party in our Party Room.
Teamwork is not effective enough? Mind and body needs freshening? Visit our highly acclaimed escape rooms with your company and find out how your colleagues behave in truly intense situations. It is also possible to organize company events. PS! Keep an open mind - teamwork training does not always have to be in the form of a lecture.
Tartu is a boring destination with nothing to do? Not true! When you visit our escape games, you will see how Tartu is truly the city of good thoughts. Escape games are also designed for people who don't speak Estonian.