An escape room is a real time-game, where a group of people are locked in a room complex and given a predetermined period of time to get out.  To accomplish this, players need to use objects found in the room, look for clues and solve puzzles. Every solved puzzle takes the players one step closer to the exit. An escape game will test the resourcefulness of individual participants as well as their teamwork skills

The mission of Escaper, probably the best escape games creator in Estonia, is to provide you with escape games that are seasoned with thrilling and world-class special effects and offer a nice change to your daily routine and usual entertainment.


L. Laurisoo
THE DUMP is super cool! Very creepy and a truly great adrenaline shot for the entire day. Without a doubt, the number 1 escape room in Tartu, even just for the storyline originality and for playing with your fears. My respect to the creators / idea authors. Keep it up!
J. Pukk
If you think you are a great fan of horror and adrenaline in your daily life, then "Madman's Basement" will convince you that you are just a wuss and would die in this situation.
G. Kartau
Madman's Basement was very cool. The rooms were very well put together. Puzzles were doable, but thinking was still needed. No matter how many times you repeated to yourself that it is just a game, and the guy who did the introduction is out there somewhere, the rooms were built so well that it still made you uneasy. You can think hard, scream, hold hands with your companions and laugh heartily. It was a very exciting experience, recommended!
M. Karjus
We went to the Madman's Basement a few months ago and it was seriously impressive and a very extensive game. Now we went to Vova's Birthday, and although we had bad luck and didn't get there, our respect and praise goes out to the creators! New solutions and exciting tasks, highly recommended! And thanks for such a cool adventure!
A. Savolainen
There were plenty of activities before the escape and after it. Very cool service! The Dump was exciting and I have to admit, even a little scary. This was a cool bonus. Thank you and until next time!
H. Kerby
Our questions were answered quickly via e-mail. There is a choice to play the game in English. It was really cool. There were some scary moments, but not over done. The rooms were decorated nicely with the style which went with the story. Surely I recommend it. And the game assignments/puzzles were logical. Thank you!