Once upon a time in Tokyo - 指詰め

Yubitsume (指詰め, "finger shortening") is a Japanese ritual to atone for offenses to another, a way to be punished or to show sincere apology and remorse to another, by means of amputating portions of one's own little finger. In modern times, it is primarily performed by the yakuza, one of the most prominent Japanese criminal organizations.

You borrowed money from a yakuza boss to make a dream come true and open your own sushi restaurant in the best area of Tokyo. Unfortunately, the business went badly and you could not repay the debt. You were detained and locked in a laundry room that has seen better days. Exactly 24:00 the yakuza boss arrives and to cover the debt you have to perform yubitsume. Can you escape in 60 minutes or lose your finger…

Difficulty level: 3.0 (medium)

Number of players: 2-5

MADMAN'S BASEMENT 2 - Thrills guaranteed

A lot people in the city know this bar. The name may not be remembered, but we know approximately where it is. The "Crazy Goat" bar is located between the city center and the slums. It's late night. Most bars and pubs are already closed. However, your friends are already a bit tipsy and no one wants to go to sleep yet. Although we know that only weird and suspicious people go the Goat, we still decide to go there. It turns out that the bar not too bad. Cozy jazz music plays in the background, tables are clean and tidy. The selection of drinks is wide. Although it is a bit strange that we are the only customers. Behind the counter stands a tall, slender bartender with a grin. I feel a cold chill going down my spine. We decide to turn around and leave the bar, but the bartender has already poured some welcome shots for us. To refuse would be too coarse. So out of courtesy we drink the shot and then plan to leave the place. Unfortunately, the image becomes blurred and blurred. I wake up in the Madman`s Basement…

Difficulty level: 5.0 (very hard)

Number of players: 2-6


The year is 1552. You and your comrades are being accused of spreading atheism. The higher heads of the local Catholic Church ordered your capture and now you're being held captive. Through the prison walls, you hear that they have decided to publicly execute you and all of your friends. The execution will take place in 60 minutes. In the following time, you give your best to come out of this alive and discover horrid secrets that the church is hiding at the cost of their lives. Can you bring these secrets to the public and knock over the false accusations? The time is ticking...

Difficulty level: 3.5 (medium)

Number of players: 2-5


NAZIS' SECRET BUNKER - The future of Europe is at stake

Spring 1945. Thuringen Federal State. The hard work of Allies’ intelligence has finally paid off. Wunderwaffe, the nuclear bomb, has been found in a Nazis' secret underground bunker. Your mission is to break into the bunker by hiding in a weapons crate, and transport Wunderwaffe safely out of there. You must act quickly and decisively, for the future of Europe is decided by your actions in the next 60 minutes.

Difficulty level: 4.0 (hard)

Number of players: 2-5

VOVA'S BIRTHDAY - The greatest adventure

Once again, the highlight of the year had arrived - Vladimir's or Vova's birthday. Vova is a regular "boozer". With a bottle in my jacket, I stepped through the door into the stairwell. After that, things got weirder by the moment. First of all, the doorknob came off and then the door fell off its hinges. I stumbled and broke the bottle as I fell. Fortunately, the elevator was downstairs and I didn't have to stay in the stairwell long with my wet jacket. I pressed number "2"... from what came next, I only remember two odd names - Ants Mutter and Mati Mehaanik. See you at Vova's birthday party!




Full game

MADMAN'S BASEMENT - Thrills guaranteed

A gentle scream woke the little boy from his dream. He crept quietly to the door and pushed it half-open. A tall, lean figure stood in the shadowy hall. He was in the shadows, back toward the boy and he was painting something on the floor using blood-red paint. The scared boy quickly slipped back into bed and pretended to be asleep. Footsteps approached. The bedroom door was pushed open. The tall man stepped into the room, scratched something on the wall and crawled under the bed. The boy opened his eyes slightly and tried to read the writing on the wall. It was dark, but his eyes finally adjusted enough for him to see the letters. He read, "I know you are awake." At the same moment, the boy felt a painful sting in the heart... The man flinched and opened his eyes. It had just been a dream. Suddenly, inhuman groans could be heard from downstairs. He stood up and went down the stairs. The sounds became louder as he approached to the basement. He must have forgotten. He had forgotten the basement door open. He calmly pushed the crackly door shut and locked using a padlock. Silence...



THE DUMP - Something unique

On a hot summer day, you and your friend are driving to the beach in Pärnu. The sun is shining, your favorite hits are playing in the radio and your mind is wandering among tanned bodies. Your feel incredibly content, as if you had just stepped in the gates of heaven. Life is beautiful. Suddenly, dark cumulonimbus clouds appear in the sky and a moment later, heavy rains start. As if that wasn't enough, your friend says that the gas is running out and there is no chance you will get to the next gas station. You get off the road at the first path to ask locals for some gas. You notice a ragged-looking house. In spite your better judgment, that nobody could live in a dump like that, you still decide to try your luck. You run to the house through the rainy meadow. You knock. The door slowly falls open and reveals a room in total darkness. You step inside.